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The PPACA creates a place within the Healthcare Exchanges where small businesses will be able to provide health insurance for their employees.  This place will be called the Small Business Health Options Program, otherwise known as the “SHOP.”

ALL EMPLOYERS MUST NOTIFY THEIR EMPLOYEES OF THE AVAILABILITY OF THE HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE (the Exchange) BY OCTOBER 1ST, 2013, even if they currently do not offer health insurance coverage to their employees.  The notice explains the options for obtaining healthcare coverage available to each employee, regardless of whether the employee is full time or part time.

Within the SHOP, employers will be able to choose a level of coverage that they are willing to provide for their employees, as well as choose the level of employer contribution.  Once the level of coverage has been chosen, the employee may choose which insurance company within the SHOP from which they would like to receive their coverage.  Employers will make one monthly payment to the SHOP instead of having to pay each insurance company individually.

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