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The New Small Group – 50-100 Employees (Part 2)

The New Small Group – 50-100 Employees (Part 2)

Business People with PuzzleIn Part 1, we looked at the changes in benefits and how health plans are rated for the New Small Group.  In this article we will look at the Play or Pay Employer Mandate in regards to the New Small Group.

The ACA mandates that employers with 50 or more full time equivalent employees (FTEs) MUST offer Minimum Essential Health Insurance Coverage (MEC) to their full time employees.  Not only do they have to offer insurance, but the amount that the employee pays toward that insurance must be deemed ‘affordable.’ (more…)

The New Small Group: 50-100 Employees (Part 1)

The New Small Group: 50 – 100 employees (Part 1)

Health Insurance with PenThe definition of a ‘small group’ changed in 2015, from 1-50 employees to 1-100 employees. Prior to this time, businesses with 50-100 employees fell into the ‘large group’ category. Most people do not realize that the medical benefits available – as well as the cost of those benefits – are very different between the two classifications of employee groups. This series of three articles will address these differences in the hopes of helping the New Small Groups understand their new rules and obligations according to the Affordable Care Act. (more…)

The Legal Responsibility of Serving on a Board of Directors

The Responsibility of Serving on a Board of Directors

Santa Rosa Commercial & Business InsuranceServing on the Board of an organization can be a very fruitful activity, both for the organization and the individual.  There is no better feeling than being part of a team that leads the organization to the next level.
  However, if the endeavors of the organization do not work out as planned, there is the potential for legal liability that lies with the members of their Board of Directors and the organization’s Officers.  Regardless of whether the organization is publicly traded, private, or nonprofit, the individual Board members can be held legally and financially responsible for the conduct of the organization, the Board and its Officers. (more…)

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