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10 Ways to Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

With the onset of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), enrolling in a health plan has been restricted to a particular time frame called Open Enrollment.  This generally happens toward the end of the calendar year, with new plans beginning January 1st of the...

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Pronoeo Facebook Contest

Win two (2) ride registrations to the Giro Bello for June 22, 2019. Winners will have the choice of riding the Fun, Metro, or Century rides. Each registration will include a swag bag, T-Shirt, route maps, SAG support, rest stops, and tickets for a post ride meal and drink at the Expo. Total value of prize depends on the rides chosen but may range from $130 – $200.

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Fixing Healthcare is Like Eating an Elephant

The cost of medical insurance in California (and nationwide) has spiraled out of control. Unfortunately, it’s a lot like homelessness: there is no ONE underlying cause. There are many factors that drive up the cost of healthcare. But a shotgun approach is just frustrating the system. We need a more targeted approach to reform and repair healthcare.

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Affordable Healthcare: An Oxymoron

If the cost of healthcare was under control, health insurance wouldn’t be expensive. We are targeting the wrong demon and it shows in our lack of results. Coverage without access is just an empty promise.

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The New Small Group – 50-100 Employees (Part 3)

In Part 1, we looked at the changes in coverage and rating of the New Small Group. Part 2 discussed the penalties for employers that do not abide by the new ACA laws. In this article, we will discuss what an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) is and how that applies to the New Small Group.

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The New Small Group – 50-100 Employees (Part 2)

The ACA mandates that employers with 50 or more full time equivalent employees (FTEs) MUST offer Minimum Essential Health Insurance Coverage (MEC) to their full time employees. Not only do they have to offer insurance, but the amount that the employee pays toward that insurance must be deemed ‘affordable.’

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Many think of Cyber Liability Insurance as the protection major corporations need when their computers get hacked.  That is partially true: 1. Cyber Liability is NOT just for major corporations.  Smaller businesses have been the latest targets of cyber theft

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